Our Services

Physician to Physician Marketing

Anyone can sit back and tell you how you should market your practice, we're taking it one step further. Impact M.D. will be in the field making face to face calls to current and potential referring physicians. Email blasts, great websites, Facebook or Twitter accounts are great, but direct interaction with referring physicians is key to growing the market share of your practice. Impact M.D. will be your Physician Liaison for your practice. By using us, you eliminate the large expense of paying a full time employee with benefits, expenses etc.

Strategic Planning

Impact M.D. applies the 80/20 rule when it comes to strategic planning. "The Top 20% of your customers make up 80% of your business". We will help create an in depth strategic plan that will help grow your current business while avoiding unnecessary marketing efforts. Our strategic plan is our compass to success in our Physician to Physician marketing efforts.

Manage Marketing Budget

Impact M.D. is here to help make sure that every dollar you plan to spend counts. We're here to make money for your practice.

Coordinate Marketing Efforts

This includes production of any marketing collateral. Impact M.D. feels if you're going to spend the time and resources to help increase the market share of your practice, the business events you coordinate and the marketing collateral you use should make sense and be an effective tool that will help increase your business. Referring Physicians are bombarded each day by multiple messages and their time is valuable.

Sales and Customer Service Training

If you currently have a Physician Liaison in place, we can train your team member on ways to help fast track referrals. Conducting sales calls to Primary Care and Internal Medicine offices is NOT easy and access to key decision makers can be difficult. We can help ensure that all communication you deliver is strategic when marketing your practice.

Additionally, we provide customer service training with front office and phone staff. Our #1 goal is to ensure all internal processes related to referrals are running smoothly between your office, the referring practices and your patients.